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Experience, professionalism, research and innovation. CLS is one of Italy’s most highly rated specialists in the processing of titanium alloys, using advanced technological applications in extremely competitive sectors. The experience acquired in its decades of presence on the Italian industrial panorama allows CLS to offer high levels of skill in the field of precision products with high technological contents.

About us

A passion for excellence, cutting-edge technologies, quality and reliability make CLS the ideal high-performance partner for the production of complex components with premium materials like titanium, aluminium alloys, MMCs, maraging steels or Inconel. For medical, aerospace, automotive and nautical applications, CLS is able to follow all phases of the production cycle, from design through to manufacture. By using special processes like lost-wax micro-castings, milling on 5-axis workstations, complete mechanical constructions with CAD/CAM technologies, titanium welding in controlled atmospheres, heat tempering and surface treatments of all types, CLS is able to satisfy customer needs using only its own in-house resources.
Highly qualified personnel, carefully selected materials and advanced machinery guarantee made-to-measure services for even the most demanding customers.
A changing market always looking for a company of innovation.

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