Titanium Parts


CLS is specialized in the production of titanium hydraulic joints, machined from solid blocks or pressed. Our long experience and detailed knowledge of production processes, from raw material procurement through to final delivery, make CLS the ideal partner for the supply of special components, where quality, traceability and conformity to specifications are crucial factors in product safety. Our professionalism and advanced technologies are also validated by a Quality System certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Formula1 and Automotive

In a sector where technology is implemented at the highest levels, CLS collaborates with leading teams in the manufacture of special parts, applying its extreme expertise in the production of complex mechanical components using technologically advanced materials. Vast experience with heat tempering and surface treatments allows total services to be provided.


CLS makes a vital contribution in the success of the most important motorcycling teams. Its activities in this sector include the production of special screws and other fasteners, hydraulic joints, welded titanium components and engine and oil pump parts.

Marine application

Manufacture of structural components for racing boats, mast bases, shroud anchorage points, rudder supports and pivots fitted with load measurement devices. The following materials are used extensively for these products: 6Al4V titanium, M300, SP35N, Inconel 718, Ergal 7075 T6, 17/4 PH steel.

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